About us

After his success with the food stalls, where he delighted the world with hotdogs and burgers, Glen Bell courageously did the thing that would conquer people from all over the planet:  he opened the first Taco Bell restaurant, in 1962 in Downey, California.

The result? To everyone’s surprise, Taco Bell soon became a success story (really, it didn’t last long). Just five years after the opening of the first Taco Bell restaurant, he made millions of people in the U.S. discover, rediscover and fall in love with tacos. Glen’s legacy now lives on through 7,000 Taco Bell restaurants around the world.


The story goes on via millions of customers who visit Taco Bell each week for that unique experience that no other restaurant can offer.
The #livemas spirit goes on with every product innovation and the smiles of those who create, serve and enjoy the delicious Taco Bell goodies. Glen’s legacy can be found in anything Taco Bell does today, tomorrow and beyond.

Sphera Franchise Group S.A. owns the company that operates the Taco Bell brand in Romania in a franchise system.