Your Taco rewards are waiting for you in the App!


Get your Welcome reward

within the first 30 days of registration on your Taco Bell account: a Crunchy Taco on the house!

5 lei spent = 10 points in your account

Save your points after every Taco order and transform them in #tacogoodies

Scan the QR code from your account at the KIOSK or later, from your receipt!
As you pass various points thresholds, you are rewarded with #tacogoodies.

Level Mild
0 – 999 points

You can get free #tacogoodies with the points that you’ve saved so far.


200 points: French fries (medium size), Nachos (medium size), Taco Supreme, Mexi Meltz, Cinnamon Twist

300 points: Izzy cheesy, Griller beefy, Griller chicken, Chalupa, Cheesy fries

500 points: Crunchwrap, Cheesy Bacon Fries Burrito, Quesadilla, Burrito Creamy Jalapeno, Nachos Supreme

Nivel HOT

> 1000 points

Enjoy your exclusive rewards, discounts up to 50% off and #tacogoodies on the house.

At the beginning of each month, you unlock super-exclusive deals, after you reach 1,000 points. Then, you can randomly get one of these surprise deals: 

  • -50% off for a medium Duo Box 
  • -50% off for a medium Crunchwrap Menu 
  • 1+1 for a medium Quesadilla Creamy Jalapeño Menu 
  • Medium Cheesy Bacon Fries Burrito Menu + free Yummy Nachos 
  • Any medium Menu + free Nacho Cheese and Cinnamon Twist 

Offers are valid for 14 days from the date of activation in your account. 

You get a 1st-year anniversary reward in the App!

Celebrating 1 year since you first became a #tacofan? You get a free Taco redeemable from any Taco Bell restaurant

Watch out for the exclusive rewards for your birthday

Set your birthday into your account and get ready for a special surprise at the beginning of your birth month. 🎂

Invite a friend

Help a #tacofan create an account using your invite code and receive 50 points each.

You get a free Crunchy Taco as a welcome when you create an account. Then as you earn points you can spend them on #tacogoodies and enjoy special offers.

Mild Level (0 – 999 points) rewards
• save 200 points and you can get: Taco Supreme, Mexi Meltz, Cinnamon Twist or a medium size fries or Nachos;
• save 300 points and you can get: Chalupa, Cheesy Fries, Izzy Cheezy or Griller Beefy/Griller Chicken;
• save 500 points and you can get: Quesadilla, Burito Creamy Jalapeño, Nachos Supreme, Crunchwrap or Cheesy Bacon Fries Burrito

When you level up to Hot (over 1000 points), you unlock new exclusive monthly deals.

Celebrate with free #tacogoodies anniversary moments.

If you refer a friend and they create an account on Taco Bell App using your code, you each receive 50 points.

Mild Level 0 – 999 points
Hot Level over 1000 points

Yes, your points expire in one year from the date you received them, so don’t forget to use them.

In the Taco Bell App go to the Orders tab where you can see previous purchases and reorder them.

To get #tacogoodies you have to:
• Select the city you’re in
• Select the restaurant for pickup
• Schedule the day and time for pickup
• Add to cart your favorite products and you can also redeem Taco Bell Rewards if you have any
• Choose the payment method: online or at the cash register
• Collect your order at the dedicated counter and skip the line

Get in touch with us at [email protected] or use the Help option in the Taco Bell App.